J  A  G  D  T  E  R  R  I  E  R  S

                                                    Welcome to

          HUNDREAM KENNEL   JAGDTERRIER`s    web site 


We are the original importers and the first Jagdterrier breeders in Australia. The jagdterrier (German Hunting Terrier) breed  got  recognized by Hundream Kennel in Australia.

In this web site we would like to introduce not just our own dogs but generally the Jagdterrier. We would like to tell You all sort of information about the breed like the standard, articles, and lots of pics.                                              

Founded with the motto of breeding Jagdterriers  'BORN TO HUNT'  , we are breeding standard and quality hunting Jagdterriers.

Jagdterriers  are used to hunt fox,  wild boar, badger, deer, bear, squirrel and other smaller games. They are natural multipurpose hunting dogs. 

If you are interested in a pup now or in the future do not hesitate to call me.

My mobile number is  041 363 9626.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and are confident You will like the breed of the Jagdterrier and our dogs as well.


                                  Andrija and Bernadett Lendel