J  A  G  D  T  E  R  R  I  E  R  S


from buyers

Thanks very much for the pics and letters.   


 Steven`s bitch Meters (Deni X Nox)

 `hello , im very happy whit the pup i got :) shes a flyer , can i book in a bitch pup on the next litter ?         Steven Loughrey`


             Meters2    Meters 3    

                         Meters 4         


 Elicia about Ebba

 `Hi Guys. A couple of pictures not great but you can see Ebba in action. The pig is a
79kg earless sow my sister and I caught with her 10mth old mastiff x my semi
retired boxer with no teeth and Ebba. `   `Elicia`

Ebba in action 01 

4 months old Ebba in action !

Ebba in action 02 

4 months old Ebba in action !


 Gerard about Jax (Deni x Ivett)

Hi Andrija and Bernadett,

Just thought that I would send you an update/pics of Jax (Deni x Ivett- "09") and his efforts so far. He is definitely a very alert, eager dog with a very very high prey drive, which the Jagd style of hunting and as a family dog is definitely not for everyone. A dog with this amount of drive/energy pretty much will chase just about everything that moves when first taken hunting or introduced to a new environment, but are an intelligent and keen to please dog which is easily moulded in to the dog you want.

Around the yard Jax has been pretty much a no effort dog, which I thought was going to be the hardest place to control him. Besides getting out a few times, with his nose down and all you can see is his tail until he makes the mistake of letting us get too close. He is also a very alert watch dog, so pretty much no one will get close to the yard without him letting us know.

We only use Jax on pigs, he has been bailing/finding pigs with our other dogs and by himself for the past six months. The style of hunting we do generally involves a lot of walking (2-5 hr walks). I have just purchased a tracking collar for him as he is getting further and further away. As he does not have a deep or loud bark the tracker has proven to be a necessary purchase. While hunting the other day (2-3 hr walk) Jax clocked up a total distance travelled of 30 kms ( mean effort for those little legs.). Watching this small dog, nose down, whipping through the bush (grass, swamps, rubber vine, creek environment etc) on a pigs scent is an awesome site.

They are definitely a hardy little dog. Jax found himself too close and a tad slow to react the other day, which resulted in being run over top of by a nice size boar, no yelping, not dusting himself off, in seconds, he was back in there bailing strong.

 Thanks again for this great little dog.

 Gerard Vains 

                     Jax 01

Jax 02

                     Jax 03

Gerard and Jax   Gerard with Jax



Nimrod from the first Hundream litter

 Nimrod (Ivett x T. Ice Dorek) - one of the boys from the first Hundream litter - the first jagdterrier litter in Australia - pic from Lee Warner

Nimrod and Barna - brother from the first Hundream litter

Nimrod and Barna - 2 brothers from the first Hundream litter - the first jagdterrier litter in Australia - pic from Lee Warner

see more pics on Lee`s website:

pic from Peter Blank    third brother from the first Hundream litter

The 3. brother from the first litter - pics from the owner Peter Blank

Shane about Eda (Deni X Cherry)

Hi Andrija

Just an update on Eda and her first trip to Cape York. I know I'm not
telling you anything you don't already know about these courage's little
dogs but for anyone else out there that is looking for a great hunting
dog...well...stop looking.

If you have ever hunted with a good fox terrier.... well multiply it by
about ten.

As far as a pet...I don't think these dogs are for everyone. Eda has an
unbelievable prey drive and if given the opportunity of an open gate, she's
gone. Nose down and no looking back.

Having said that she meets every other criteria I would want from a pet. In
the yard or the house she is obedient and very intelligent. It took me about
15 mins to teach her to fetch and drop a ball and about a day to teach her
not to come inside the house unless invited. She is extremely affectionate
and will sit like a statue when patted or groomed. She is also a very alert
watch dog.

The first hunt in Cape York I wasn't more than 5 mins from camp when the
dogs jumped and bailed a good boar. Eda was right there all the way and
bailed strongly with the other dogs. A really good effort for the first time
she had seen a pig. The next day I bagged another 2 boars on a swamp and Eda
was well and truly part of the team, always hunting and never once did she
walk with me. Later that day she decided to jump from the ute and bail a mob
of angry steers. After a strong reprimand she didn't do it again for the
rest of the trip. I caught a small sucker and put the other dogs away and
let Eda lug it....well.....I created a monster. From that minute on she was
like a dog possessed. 

Eda (Deni x Cherry) 1

Eda (Deni X Cherry) 4

Eda (Deni X Cherry) 2

Eda (Deni X Cherry) 3

I can't wait for the next time I take her pig hunting.... and I will
definitely be buying another Jagdterrier from you

               Shane Walters

Kristian about Pud`n (Deni x Cherry)

"Andrija and Bernadett, 

I am just writing to say how happy I am with Pud’n (Deni x Cherry).  She is just a really great little dog.  Hunting wise I don’t need to tell you how good she is at 4.5 months old she was ready an rearing to go, and by six months old she is as good as my Brittany spaniel was at 2 years, I have honestly never seen a dog that hunts so naturally.


I also want to tell you how great a little pet dog that she is.  If you’re a dog in my house then you really are part of the family, you live inside and have complete run of the house.  When we first spoke about Pud’n I was a bit nervous about bringing her into the house thinking that she would bouncing off the walls and take to my other two dogs, an old hound cross and my wife’s miniature fox terrier, but I did not have to worry as she just fitted right in and has become the best little house dog, she gets on great with the other two dogs being so switched on she was easy to toilet train and like nothing better of a night than curling up in the chair next to me or going to sleep on my lap.  Other members of my family have recently brought designer mongrels (for not much less than I paid for Pud’n) and my parents have a couple of Silky Terriers and really Pud’n is the best housedog of the lot. She really does seem to know when it is time to be the pet around home and on our walks and when to switch it on when we go up the bush.


Pud 1  Pud 2


When I work in the yard she is there with me the whole time just wandering around and occasionally coming over to see what I am up to and get a pat and sits in the front seat of the car when just the two of us go and looks out the window or goes to sleep with her head on my lap.  She absolutely adores the neighbours children and given her high pain tolerance and natural protectiveness I believe that she would be a really good kids dog.  She is such a people dog that the only real problem that I have with her is that when we go for a walk everybody that she sees might want to pat me and so I have to pull to get to them.


Really all in all she is just the perfect little companion, loyal, faithful easy going in the house (she still is a puppy) brilliant in the bush and all in a package small enough to sit on your lap or for the wife or nephews or nieces to walk and play with.


So really I just want to thank you both for her as I am just so happy to have her, and please feel free if you have any prospective buyers that want to talk about them give them my number as there is nothing better than telling everybody about my little mate."

Kristian Riley

Angelo about Cheeta (Deni x Cherry)

" g/day my name is angelo messina and i bought a jagd pup of andrew 3 month ago . i bought a jagd pup because they are the all round dog. but i mainly will use my on pigs but will allow her 2 hunt fox rabbit hare and so on .just a quick up date on her at what i have done at 10 weeks old i went out with the ferrets and caught and ketp alive a full grown rabbit 2 let cheeta have a chase and a bark in the backyard and she did it with ease bark and chase and bail once the rabbit was in a at 12 weeks old was time 2 take her out for a run down the road which is like a training ground where she can find a rabbit or fox as the more she went out .where i take the dogs 4 a run is a long creek with rocks and boxthorn bushes . i stared 2 walk along when my other dog foun d a rabbit under a bush and when cheeta got there she went in and the rabbit came flying out and then she came out hit the scent and was off trailing barking on the hot scent.weeks went by and cheeta is strating 2 find rabbits with ease and has found a wildcat and fox along the creek and is starting 2 out find my other dog 2. cheeta now at 5 months old has found hares for me and a couple of foxes and she dosnt mind swiming in the water 2 bring back a duck for me when it was season.i havnt put her on pigs yet as i wonted her stock proof first and she is good with the kids and with other dogs . i think that in time i be hunting with a good 2 of them as i have never seen any other breed like them  .cheers 

angelo messina2009

  2010 photos of Angelo and Cheeta

Cheeta 01


Cheeta 03


   Zak and Buck (Deni x Nox)

6 months old Buck (Deni X Nox)  Buck

2 pic of 6 months old Buck (Deni X Nox) with 2 Catahoulas - pics from Zak Piletic

  Norm about Indy (Deni X Nox)

Hi Andrija and Bernadett,

   Thought it's time I gave you an update on my pup.She is 8 months old now and going very well.
   Her basic training is well in hand now,after an initial settling in to her new environment I started introducing her to the many daily distractions and temptations she will encounter.
   She is very sensible and co-operative and is under control with all stock.As you know I will be using her on the introduced predators that continue to decimate our NZ wildlife,so her initial training has been on tracking dead game,she is very good at this and extremely focused.
   She has a mega prey drive of course,which is what I wanted.To offset her focus and energy when it's not required she gets heaps of daily exercise and stimulation,which saves my garden.
  She is very clean in the house,good in the car,(except when she spots a cat),not aggressive with people or dogs,but won't be bullied by bigger dogs,very confident,everybody likes her and she loves people.
   While she is everything I want,I can see they are not a dog that would suit everybody.
          Bye for now.....Norm Phillips.....NZ

Norm and Indy

 George Bailey`s bitch Zeva (Deni X Ivett)

           5 months old Zeva!