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Copied from the 1962 German Jagdterrier Stud Book

... For over 40 years the German Jagdterriers has been developed in Germany exclusively for hunting. Many other things have entered into this breeding to make the Jagdterrier a valuable asset to anyone's household. The Jagd had been developed through the years as a small hardy fearless dog. A selective breeding program has been followed, using only proven Field Champions as breeding stock and by keeping, at the most, 6 puppies per litter. Thus eliminating all weaklings and nourishing to the full extent to strong. In breeding the Jagds proven in field work it was also required that they pass conformation test. Through going back to the Old Foxterrier and the Black and Tan Wire Terrier and through endless effort the breeders in Europe developed the German Jagdterrier - Jagd meaning to hunt in German and Terrier to name his type, one meaning to hunt under-ground. Jagd is pronounced Yak, long a.

Bred for reasons of hunting, his abilities would amaze anyone; the Jagdterrier if trained may be hunted on all marauding game, fox, squirrel, fowl and ducks. He will retrieve anything he can carry. His manner of hunting fowl is by flushing and retrieving. Marauding game represents an excellent chance for seek and kill. He has been used successfully on Wild Boar; the Jagd maneuvers, from any opportune angle, to the side of the Boar and grabs the ear, hanging on and in this manner slowing and hindering the boar. He has been used in bloodhound work tracking wounded game, given the scent 36 hours after the track was made. He will retrieve from land or water.

The Jagdterrier is an intelligent canine, thus he is active and outgoing. He is ever watchful and an excellent and affectionate companion for children. Being small he is easy to keep in the home and travels well in a car.

The German Jagdterrier is, in appearance, tense, determined and fearless. He serves in hunting as a fighting dog under and above ground, as a trailing and flushing dog above ground and in water. Also, he is a "blood" hound and retriever of small game. His height permits keeping in the city and as a companion in automobiles. He needs a lot of activity. He is unmindful of injuries obtained from counter-attack of marauding game. He is a hardy dog and mistrusts strangers.
Spirit of a Hound.